Community cleans up the village to show appreciation

A number of community members from Lidgetton had took it upon themselves to clean up the village and the entrance of to Lidgetton on R102 from yesterday. This was done to show appreciation to local farmers and businesses that have been helping out the village since lockdown. Local farmer Kelly Van Der Merwe said they were all puzzled by the action taken by the community members. “Some of the farmers brought them petrol for their brush cutters and cool drinks,” said Van Der Merwe.

On Saturday, 700 food parcels were delivered to needy community members. According to Van Der Merwe the food parcels could last a family almost a month. “We had initially planned to donate 500 food parcels but through donations from local farmers and businesses who all came together we managed to hand over 700,” said Van Der Merwe.

Few people came out with their brush cutters and rakes yesterday, today more people joined with wheelbarrows cleaning the village. “Everyone came together and the farmers showed support,” said Van Der Merwe.

Source: Village Talk Newspaper

Community cleans up the village to show appreciation

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